Repairs and Upgrades


These days, we all depend on our computers more than ever before. Once, long ago, it was possible to run a business, or life, with nothing but paper and brains. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Being without a good computer system is about the closest thing to being up a stream without a paddle.

Computers, of course, are just machines. And, as we all know full well, machines are prone to glitches. Cars stall, dishwashers flood, and computers can crash. Any machine, no matter how well treated, or how well it’s maintained, will eventually reach a point where a breakdown is inevitable. Machine breakdowns are a simple fact of life.

Of course, you might think you have the skills to handle your own computer repair. After all, you’ve been using computers for years, right? We all have, so what’s the big deal?

But, in fact, computer repair is a very big deal. Unlike dishwashers or other simple household appliances with which you might have an acceptably easy time so far as making your own repairs, a computer is a pretty complex machine. Breakdowns might involve hardware, such as disk drives or power supply units, or software, such as operating systems and critical business applications.

M & M Computer Services are experts in computer repair. With years of expertise and professional experience, there’s no one better to call when you need computer repair and you need it fast. For all sorts of computer repairs, whether hard drive failure or crashed applications, when your Bethany Beach, DE, business is on the line, call the professionals at M & M Computer Services!


We offer repair, upgrade, and maintenance services which can get you back up and running quickly or improve your computer’s performance.

Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity. Browsing even a few websites can leave dozens of files on your hard drive which accumulate over time and degrade performance.

And if your computer is more than two years old you are very likely to benefit from a few simple and reasonably priced equipment upgrades.


Without software a computer is just a high-priced box of electronics, but the programs many people use do not at all suit their needs.

This is because choosing the right software solution can be a terrible headache. Especially with the explosion of Open-Source software, the number of programs available today has simply become overwhelming.

Let our experts help wade through the choices, and if we can’t find a program which works for you we can, in many cases, write one of our own for hundreds less than you might think.